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From Where We Came
B.K. Williams - who is based in the city of Evanston in Cook County, Illinois - is the CEO and founder of Mobile E-commerce LLC. He has always been interested in digital innovations, especially when they are applied to marketing or other low-risk income-generating setups. He seeks out these opportunities through Mobile E-commerce LLC.

Mobile E-commerce LLC has been working for the affiliate site, P2S Travel, since 2015.

To Where We are Today!
Mobile E-commerce LLC signed up as an affiliate of P2S Travel because it specializes in a huge industry that has consistently given great returns.

According to data from the US Travel Association - which boasts of 1,200 member organizations nationwide - "direct spending on leisure travel by domestic and international travelers totaled $683.1 billion in 2016." It added that "spending on leisure travel generated $106.4 billion in US tax revenue."

That's precisely why it's no surprise that Mobile E-commerce LLC has concentrated on serving P2S Travel.

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My Online Business Card
Those who want to get in touch with Mobile E-commerce LLC may call (317) 694-8796. They may also reach Mobile E-commerce LLC via the company's virtual phone system at (877) 806-6245. For inquiries or requests for more information, emails may be sent to

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